…A tribute to a special dr. who goes out of her way to treat all her clients like dogs!


By Katy Cable-The Weekly Runt

Last week, my beloved 93-year-old mother passed away. Although she went peacefully surrounded by her loved ones, the grief is overwhelming. We were very close! This huge loss sits at the tippy top of a few years filled with sadness and goodbyes.

It’s been a…

The Skinny on This Surprising Killer And How to Protect Your Dog


By Katy Cable-TWR
A 3 min. Read

​What do you think is the number one New Year’s Resolution? If you guessed: Lose weight/get in shape, you’re right! This is great news considering Americans are plagued by a growing epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and a host of other health issues related…

…Toss these 5 things now or pay the price!


By Katy Cable-TWR
A 4 min read

As we head into a new year,🎉most people make a resolution of one kind or another. The most popular being: to get in shape, and lose weight. Those are great goals but how about adding something simple for your dog? This is a…

From puppy to senior, a few crazy facts about this amazing breed.


By, Katy Cable-TWR /A 4 min read

Most of my followers are PUG-OBSESSED like I am, but for those of you who are interested in adding a Pug to your family, I want to educate you on some important facts that should come with the buyer’s manual on this special…

Easy ways to entice (and heal) your dog at mealtime


By, Katy Cable-TWR
A 2 min. read

Merry Christmas! The holidays are all about food and I’m thrilled to share some ideas to include your “picky” pet in the occasion.

Funny, there’s an age-old rumor that’s still going strong amongst dog owners. Maybe you’ve heard it too. It’s the one…

Great gifts ideas if you’re broke

Photo credit: Katy Cable

By Katy Cable-A 4 min. Read

Happy Holidays! I hope all of you are delighting in the merriment of the season and not stressing out over schedules, finances, obligations, and expectations. I’ll be honest with you, when it comes to Christmas, I tend to be a bit of a “Grinch”…

…5 Ways to relieve stress and enjoy the season.


By Katy Cable-The Weekly Runt
A 3 Min. Read

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! -Or is it? For some it’s magical but this is also the season when suicides and domestic violence skyrocket and everyone seems stretched WAY too thin. This time of year, far too many…

Katy Cable

I love PUGS, cappuccinos and bad carbs. Spent my life as an actress, writer and now pet activist. Here’s “A little Kibble” if your children have paws!

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