Cracking open the truth on this superfood

Photo Credit: Pugbugduckmug/Tumblr

After a fabulous visit to Hawaii several years ago, I began swirling a heaping spoonful of organic coconut oil into my morning cappuccino. Wow! Suddenly I had a delicious cup of ALOHA! I also rubbed it into my dry, peeling, sunburned skin for immediate relief. It worked great when in a pinch when I needed some hair conditioner. I also found swishing it in my mouth gave me shiny, white teeth and was perfect for relieving canker sores and swollen gums. When my pug Olive began feverishly licking it off my fingers, I rubbed it on her coat, peeling nose…


The little dog making big waves for charity

Photo Credit: Alecia Nelson

Growing up and now living at the beach in So Cal, surfing is a staple of our lifestyle. Young and old jump on their boards before, after (and sometimes even DURING 😜) the school or workday. The Wedge in Newport is as crowded as Target! Here at the beach, even our dogs get in the action! And while it’s not uncommon to see a Lab riding on a surfboard, to spot a little Pug surfing — that’s a phenomenon!

Surf Gidget the Pug does just that! If you’ve been lucky enough to witness this wonder-pug shredding the waves, you’ll likely…


Lifesaving tips to help your dog stay safe and keep their cool in the heat

Photo Credit: Katy Cable

😎Here in Southern California, it seems we get more clouds, drizzle, and chill in summer than we do in spring. But that isn’t the case in most areas. Record heatwaves are causing devastation and death. Not just for humans but for dogs. Last week I learned of several pugs who unfortunately succumbed to heatstroke. What’s equally sad is that these tragedies could’ve been easily avoided. Now that summer is in high gear and quarantine has lifted, people are more excited than ever to get out to the beach with their dogs. …

With menopause came a crippling autoimmune disease. Here’s my journey and how I got my life back.

Help! I’m Losing All My Hair!

Water was pooling around my ankles. Handfuls of my long blonde hair were clogging the drain in the shower. I wondered if I’d have any hair left after I finished rinsing. As my hair dried, I noticed I was literally shedding all over my hairbrush, black sweater, and the seat of my car. The next morning I awoke to find clumps of hair covering my pillow. I started to sob. My hair was my “thing!” It was my crowning glory! My long, thick hair made me feel beautiful and feminine.

I looked online and…


5 Great tips to make it a smooth transition for your dog

Photo Credit: Katy Cable

After months of being quarantined at home, many of us are now ecstatic to be heading back out the door to work. Others are transitioning to a new hybrid work schedule. In addition, most of us are planning some fun summer getaways after surviving an unprecedented year.

A new routine can be extremely stressful, but for a dog, it can be downright traumatizing. Especially to a new rescue or shelter dog that has grown accustomed to having you around all the time! Even pets you’ve had for years may not take too well to you leaving all…


Hopefully, these tips will prevent more dogs from going missing and also get lost pets returned quickly!

Did you know more dogs and cats go missing and/or get injured over the 4th of July holiday than on any other day of the year? With the summer holidays and fireworks, now more than ever, it’s important to be extra cautious with your dog. It’s also important to know what to do if you find a missing dog.

July 5th, 2019, a woman came into a pet store where I was working. She had found a darling little Pug roaming on a busy street. …

At 53 years old, I entered my first beauty pageant…and lost more than a crown!

Anyone who even remotely knows me knows my feelings on beauty pageants. I think they’re one small step above a public hanging! They glamorize the objectification of females. Think about it, a contest where women and young girls wearing their finest fancy attire, swimsuits, themed costumes, and ear-to-ear smiles, stroll around a stage then line up side-by-side to be judged. Only a covert narcissist would actually enjoy subjecting themselves to that kind of torture. For most of us, our egos are delicate just trying to get through day-to-day life. We sure don’t need more ways to beat ourselves down. …


Surefire ways to calm dogs with no flare for fireworks

Photo by author

It’s that time of year again! Now more than ever people are excited to enjoy celebrations, outdoor living, beach days, BBQ’s and of course…What may be the WORST DAY OF THE YEAR for many dogs…The 4th of July!

When it comes to the 4th of July, I’m right there with most dogs and like the holiday as much as I like a parking ticket. Huge crowds of drunk, disorderly people invade my little beach community and it becomes a loud, crazy, war zone. With the pandemic canceling activities last year, this holiday is sure to be packed!

Good news! Here…

7 Tips for having a fabulous vacay with your dog

By Katy Cable-TWR
A 3 minute Read

After what seems like a year lived in dog years, the Covid restrictions are lifting, summer is here, and most of us are excited to get out and do some TRAVELING! If you have a dog, you’re likely debating whether or not to include them on the trip or leave them behind.

When I was growing up, unless you were going camping or to the family cabin, the idea of taking your dog on a vacation was unheard of. Especially a trip involving air travel and hotels. Now it’s become quite common. In…


Important safety tips that can save your dog’s life

Copyright: Looney Tunes Getty Images

By, Katy Cable, TWR
A 3 min. Read

Coyote Alert! The photo below is actually ripped from a viral news headline. Prankster Kayla Eby, a wife living in Oregon, played a joke on her gullible husband. She sent him this image, which she had created using Photoshop skills, and told him she had rescued a new dog.

Katy Cable

I love PUGS, cappuccinos and bad carbs. Spent my life as an actress, writer and now pet activist. Here’s “A little Kibble” if your children have paws!

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