How eating insects may save the planet

By Katy Cable-The Weekly Runt / A 4 min. Read

When I was eight years old. my dad, in an effort to get me to give up Ding-Dongs and Oreos, told me about how ” was made. He insisted that all kinds of bugs often got mixed into these crummy processed snacks. Turns out, those very insects may have been the healthiest thing about my indulgence.

If you’d have told me just a year ago, there may come a day when insects are a major staple in our diets, I would’ve thought you were

Perspective | Cannabis

…Weeding through the hype

By, Katy Cable/TWR/A 5min. “

April 20th is , and a national holiday for cannabis culture. The date supposedly comes from what adds up to the numerical code for marijuana. In honor of the big day, I thought I would tell you everything you wanted to know about CBD but were afraid to ask. Or couldn’t find a vet to ask!

Several years ago, before it was even a “thing,” I wrote a blog about the astounding results I was seeing in dogs using CBD oil to keep them calm during the 4th of July fireworks. And that was…

Anecdote | Pet Ownership

How to choose the best food for your dog and what to avoid

By Katy Cable, TWR
A 3 min. Read

What you put in your dog’s dish is the single most important thing you can do for their health and well-being It’s a deal. You’re either promoting health and healing or destroying it every time you feed your pet. This is so important and such a hot topic I’ve decided to break things down into small ” pieces.

I became a pet blogger because I saw a need for quick, simple, easy, tips that would often save pet parents These blogs are based solely…

Do-it-yourself fixes for your dog’s ear infections

This Sunday, April 7th is Easter. In honor of the floppy-eared bunny, I thought this was a perfect time to discuss one of the most common problems I from Pug parents… infections. Good news, if you know what to look for and follow some easy tips, you can prevent a lot of bigger, more expensive problems.

My first pug Raisin was plagued with ear infections throughout most of his life. Ironically they began coming on a few months after I switched him from homemade organic dog food to a crappy, expensive “” food used to treat his urinary issues…


A post-pandemic pug party was the perfect end to a RUFF year

All eyes were on us! I felt like royalty as my dapper husband, dressed in a Versace suit (that’s been collecting dust in the closet since our wedding) helped me out of the car. Outfitted in a vintage gown, jeweled high-heels, and a black-and-white faux fur & feather coat, we were quite out of the norm for a mid-afternoon spring day in the country.

And it just got better! The second our adorable black pug Olive jumped out of the car, every bystander’s mouth dropped (and cellphone came out.) Olive was wearing a pearl necklace and show-stopping, pink glitter gigantic…

Anecdote | Perspective

…Whisperings from a pet psychic

By Katy Cable-The Weekly Runt

One of my guilty pleasures is the super-natural. Psychics, mediums, tarot cards, fortune tellers, even the …. I’ll admit, I’m . Some of my favorite shows are the movie I love ’em all!

When Liz Murdoch, a Los Angeles-based pet psychic invited Olive and me to be guests on her popular podcast, we jumped (and barked) at the chance. On occasion, I’d seen shows using dogs to locate missing persons. I’d also seen mediums give people messages from pets that had crossed over…

Perspective | Animal Advocacy

Our pets are obese and starving to death at the same time

By Katy Cable

Poor King! The little Pug puppy was in agony! He lay on the floor of the pet store, moaning while incessantly licking and gnawing at his swollen, red paws. He shook his head as if to try and relieve the discomfort of his foul-smelling ears. His fur was brittle and crusty with numerous bald patches.

Equally distressed was King’s dad,
he explained

My interaction with King isn’t uncommon. In the past five…

Anecdote | Animal Advocacy

The annual Pug-aholics’s dream

By Katy Cable-TWR / A 4 min. read

I think we can all agree, Covid 19 pretty much took a dump on 2020. Just a couple of weeks shy our world coming unglued, and endless months of stay-at-home orders, from around the globe gathered in Las Vegas for our annual pilgrimage.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but in my case, are! Feeling horribly depressed as my recent birthday hit me like a slap in my aging, wrinkled face, my amazing husband gave me the gift of a lifetime. He kindly agreed to accompany me to the…

Humor | Canines

5 Truths To Stop Puppy Prejudice

As Black History Month comes to an end, I decided to look into whether there was any truth to the urban myth that black pets are harder to find homes for and get euthanized more often. I was surprised and saddened to learn this is actually true. Research from a variety of sources shows that black pets do typically sit in shelters longer and are often harder to find homes for.

I know many people are superstitious about black dogs and cats but as the owner of “ I’m a huge fan of an all-black pup…

Education | Perspective

Ignoring this could be deadly for your dog

By Katy Cable/TWR
A 3 min. Read

💕 February is Doggy Dental Health Care month and believe it or not, neglecting this crucial element of your pup’s overall health can be deadly. Or, lead to a host of other major health issues, Here are some very important tips and facts for you to on:

I used to think people who brushed their dog’s teeth were being a tad obsessive. Then my vet informed me they pulled 13 teeth out of my Pug Raisin’s mouth and handed me a bill large enough for me to sink my own teeth into…

Katy Cable

I love PUGS, cappuccinos and bad carbs. Spent my life as an actress, writer and now pet activist. Here’s “A little Kibble” if your children have paws!

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