Meet Surf Gidget The Pug…The little dog making big waves for charity

Katy Cable
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Growing up and now living at the beach in So Cal, surfing is a staple of our lifestyle. Young and old jump on their boards, before, after (and sometimes even DURING 😜) the school or work day. The Wedge in Newport is as crowded as Target! Here at the beach, even our dogs get in the action! And while it’s not uncommon to see a Lab riding on a surfboard, to spot a little Pug surfing, — that’s a phenomenon!

Surf Gidget the Pug, does just that! If you’ve been lucky enough to witness this wonder-pug shredding the waves, you’ll likely never forget it! Known as “the pug in pink” with her custom pink surfboard, matching wetsuit, life-vest and hat, Gidget defeats the law of gravity (and her Pug DNA) that dictates she sink like a stone in H2o. She has become a world champion SURF DAWG!

On the road with Surf Gidget the Pug!

In late July of 2018, ​I had the thrill of a lifetime accompanying Gidget on a whirlwind trip to Galveston, Texas where she appeared as the celebrity guest at the Ohana Surf Dog Contest and surf clinic benefiting the Galveston Island Humane Society.

I could put a bone-in rib-eye steak on the end of a surf board and my pug Olive wouldn’t go near it, so it was hard to believe any Pug would actually ENJOY surfing. But that is exactly the case with Gidget.

I was absolutely amazed! Through flight delays, sweltering heat, late nights, early mornings and a full schedule of appearances, Gidget was a perfectly mannered Pug. It wasn’t until she was kept at the water’s edge for 2 hours of photos, and not allowed to surf with the other dogs, that she began to wail at the top of her lungs like a pig being slaughtered. Once released, she began jumping on any board she could find in an effort to get out in the waves and surf.

And surf she does! Gidget rides waves forward, backwards and sideways effortlessly. She’s relaxed and happy walking the length of her board, turning, shaking her cute curly tail, and cruising in to shore. Once there, she quickly jumps back on the board wanting another go.

Katy Cable

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