CoVid 19 Has Cleared The Shelters IN A GOOD WAY!

By, Katy Cable — The Weekly Runt
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FINALLY…I have some great news to report! While CoVid 19 is wrecking havoc on our lives, it’s had a remarkably positive influence on shelter cats and dogs! With the nation ordered to “shelter-in-place”, many made the smart decision to foster, and or adopt a pet in need of a loving home. At the same time, lots of interested people have been surprised to find CoVid19 has “cleared the shelters” and It’s easier to find a package of toilet paper than a pet to adopt.

Riverside Country Animal Shelter cleared their shelter last Wednesday showing every single kennel and cage opened as all the pets had been adopted. And it’s not just here in Southern California. Thanks to CoVid19, from New York to Nevada animal shelters are as empty as restaurants and bars.

In a TV news address, Los Angeles Mayer, Gil Garcetti stated that in March- as officials scrambled to create more space while the pandemic worsened — 2,232 animals were moved out of shelters and into foster homes, homes of their own or reunited with their owners. This allowed two of LA’s 6 busiest shelters to be closed. Shelter personnel relocated to the other locations.

During the last month of quarantine, I’ve have had the pleasure of doing “virtual” house-checks for Pug Nation LA and some of the other rescues I volunteer with. In the midst of this terrible pandemic, I need to look no further than our pets to see a bright, positive side. Social media is filled with hysterical stories of families engaging with their pets. Families that typically haven’t had time to walk their dogs, are now enjoying the one allowable opportunity to leave the house for some fresh air.

For so many of us, our pets provide a huge sense of comfort and support. They’re helping us get through a very difficult time. They remind us what’s important. They’re happy just spending time with us and they stay in the moment. Something we all need to do right now.

Another huge dividend of having a pet is all the health benefits they provide. It seems every dog is a “therapy dog” right now. Whether it’s a dog who prompts us to get outside for daily exercise, or a cat who provides cozy company for a shut-in, animal companions have a tremendous positive effect on human health and happiness.

In 2016, the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) sponsored an online survey of 2,000 pet owners to learn more about the health benefits of having a pet. These were their findings:

  1. 55% of pet owners reported physical health improvements from pet ownership in themselves, friends or family members.
  2. Up to 75% of pet owners reported mental health improvements from pet ownership in themselves, friends or family members.
  3. 88% of pet owners conclude that pets reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, increase a sense of wellbeing, and help with conditions like PTSD.
  4. 68% of pet owners are aware that pets support healthy aging, help with conditions like autism and Alzheimer’s disease, and drastically improve heart health.
  5. Up to 47% of pet owners find that owning pets supports child cognitive development, reading skills and classroom learning. They also help prevent childhood allergies.

Research on the human-animal bond shows interactions with your canine companion have a measurably positive effect on your biochemistry, thanks to the hormone oxytocin. Also known by a number of nicknames, including the “love hormone” and “hug hormone.” Oxytocin is what makes skin-to-skin contact feel good; it’s what makes a great meal so satisfying. This amazing hormone can also act as a natural painkiller and can lower stress levels and blood pressure. It’s a well-known fact that human-to-human contact, for example, bonding with children or partners, triggers the release of oxytocin.

If you can open your home to a pet either as a foster or certainly to adopt, check with your local shelters or rescue groups. Find out how they’re accommodating adoptions during this time. Caring for a needy pet is sure to help your well-being as much, if not more, than theirs.

If you’ve adopted or are fostering a new pet during this pandemic, I’d love to hear your story and see pics/videos of your new friend. I’ll even send you a gift. I hope you’re all staying healthy and looking after yourselves during this scary time. Thanks for reading! Pugs and kisses! 😘🐾❤️
Katy & Olive

🐾Those who would like to adopt a pet can go to Laanimalservices.com/adopt, or call 888–452–7381 and have an animal ID# ready. For PUG Adoption’s, msg me for rescues in your area.


Originally published at https://www.weeklyrunt.com.

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I love PUGS, cappuccinos and bad carbs. Spent my life as an actress, writer and now pet activist. Here’s “A little Kibble” if your children have paws!

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