Quarantine Edition…WELCOME TO THE COUCH…

Five Fun Activity’s For You And Your Dog!

By Katy Cable (and Friends) /A 4 min. Read

Hello Friends! Welcome to the couch! It seems like just when I get my head wrapped around our new “soft apocalypse” normal, things drastically change again! -And not necessarily for the better! Therefore, in addition to my regular WEEKLY RUNT blogs, (which I will modify to be the most relevant and helpful) I will also be doing KATY CABLE’S “Quarantine Edition” with ideas, tips and other resources to use during this time. Just think of me as your friendly “Quarantine Camp Counselor!”


COOKING! That’s right! Good nutrition is our first line of defense against this virus (and others). With the ability to leave our homes and dine at our favorite restaurants “off the table” we’ll have to get creative.

By now, most of us have stockpiled enough canned food to feed an entire homeless population. Each week we risk our lives venturing out of home quarantine to fight crowds and grab whatever can be found on grocery store shelves. Crowded markets, with hoards of people grabbing whatever they can find with their germ-infested hands, have become a bio-hazard on par with hospitals.

From someone who eats 90% of her meals out of a box or bag through my car window, I’ve included a guest blog from my hubby on some cheap, easy, healthy meals you can make with those grocery store RATIONS! In the meantime, practice daily meditation by closing your eyes and enjoying an “ imaginary” meal out at your favorite restaurant. Don’t forget to tip your server. 👍🏼

CRAFTS: Make a “Couldn’t SHUT THE F! UP About The Corona Virus” Jar. Every time someone mentions CoVid19 they have to make a donation. With all the money you save, when the quarantine is lifted you go to a concert or sporting event that was rescheduled.

GAMES: With the stock market falling like a lead balloon, let’s anti-up and play some CORONA VIRUS BINGO! For cash and prizes. Just like traditional bingo, have a creative member of your family make a traditional: B-I-N-G-O card with the center square being FREE! Line the card with every symptom you can think of associated with the Corona Virus. Then hand everyone in your family some of the dried beans or macaroni stashed in your cupboard as Bingo card markers. The next time anyone on TV or at home mentions one of those symptoms, the first person to notice and call it out can mark that square. Another option is fill a bag with Post-It’s! listing each symptom and draw them out. First person to fill their card gets to scream, “CORONA!” and wins!

HIDE AND GET SICK: Practice your improv and acting skills in this fun game suitable for all family members. In this game, place all the symptoms of CoVid19 in a hat. You can borrow them from the B-I-N-G-O game! Bonus points: get creative and add a few new ones. Each person takes a turn drawing a symptom out of the hat and has 30 seconds to act it out until someone guesses correctly. This provides wonderful practice for when we must call own physicians and best describe our symptoms using “ telemedicine.”

In all seriousness, Covid19 is making all of us sick whether we've tested positive and show symptoms or not! It's infecting our livelihoods. Ub this time of uncertainly and influx, I LOVE this great way to deal with fear written by NIKKI BRUNO. For more great tips, you can visit her on LinkedIn.

I want to thank everyone for sharing uyour great tips, videos, posts and suggestions. They’ve been so helpful! Keep ’em coming as I’m starting next week’s blogs.

Please reach out if I can be of any help! Stay WELL! Stay CLEAN! GO WASH THOSE HANDS!

Pugs and Kisses, -Katy Cable


Originally published at https://www.weeklyrunt.com.

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I love PUGS, cappuccinos and bad carbs. Spent my life as an actress, writer and now pet activist. Here’s “A little Kibble” if your children have paws!

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