How To Relieve Your Dog’s Allergies This Spring

Katy Cable
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By Katy Cable/A 5 min. Read

Wow! We barely rolled into spring and it seems many dog owners are in TEARS! -Literally! The great outdoors has been anything but for allergy sufferers.

All week long I’ve had weepy-eyed, runny-nosed pet parents coming to me in desperation. And it’s not just them…their poor dogs are relentlessly itching, chewing their paws and covered in rashes and hot spots. If the allergies weren’t bad enough, the vet bills, medications, and products have set them back hundreds of dollars.

I have good news! Take a deep breath and read on. As someone who has suffered from severe allergies all my life and also worked with highly sensitive dogs, these tried and true remedies will get both you and your dog feeling brighter than a spring day in no time.

When a dog constantly licks and chews certain spots on their body, they eventually become red, raw, inflamed and ITCHY! The area never gets a chance to heal because the dog won’t leave it alone. At this point it’s easy to develop a bacterial or fungal infection which are also extremely itchy. The secondary condition then makes the itch much worse exacerbating the itch-lick cycle.

If your dog is suffering from any sort of skin infection, they should be evaluated immediately by your vet. Typically it’s an allergy to a flea bite, food or something in the environment. But, it’s quite possible they have skin mites or have developed a fungal or bacterial infection that requires prompt attention. It may also be the result of compulsively licking and biting their skin to relive stress and anxiety.

Regardless of the cause, start building up your dog’s immune system with a nutritious diet. GET RID OF THOSE BAD CARBS! I would switch to a wet/moist, raw or fresh food diet since kibble by nature is nearly twice as high in carbs. Wet food is much easier to digest due to the higher water content. Same holds true for you. Try eating low-histamine, fresh, whole foods. My new book, “Katy Cable’s Party With Your Pup!” is filled with recipes for lots of favorite foods that are typically on the “BAD” list. With a few easy swaps, you can make them much…



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