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By, Katy Cable-TWR
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One of my guilty pleasures is the super-natural. Psychics, mediums, tarot cards, fortune tellers, even the Ouija Board…. I’ll admit, I’m OBSESSED. Some of my favorite shows are The Long Island Medium, Tyler Henry, even the movie BIG! I love ’em all!

When Liz Murdoch, a Los Angeles based pet psychic reached out on LinkedIn, and invited Olive and me to be guests on her popular podcast, “Talking With The Dogs!” we jumped (and barked) at the chance. On occasion, I’d seen shows using dogs to locate missing persons. I’d also seen mediums give people messages from pets that had crossed over. But to get a reading on a current, living pet, that was something totally new!

Anyone who spends five minutes on my site, “The Weekly Runt” will learn my background and how I found Olive. In addition, most of my blogs are personal stories pertaining to relevant pet issues. I figured doing a reading on Olive would be as predictable as a sunny day in LA. I walked into this experience a huge skeptic.

​Beginning in Kindergarten Murdoch remembers having a unique connection with animals. For show-and-tell, a classmate brought in their pet standard poodle. Murdoch instinctively knew what the dog was thinking and their mood. This sparked her interest and she begged her parents for a dog of her own. Two years later, a family move made that dream a reality. Not long after getting her first dog, she was competing against adults and winning blue ribbons in Dog Obedience at fairs.

Years later, while recovering from a traumatic car accident, Murdoch paid a visit to the Humane Society and adopted Sam, a black Lab puppy she immediately bonded with. Together, they became a certified therapy dog team and made regular visits to children’s hospitals and rehab centers. It was here she cut her teeth as an intuitive pet whisperer and realized her unique gifts went far beyond simply training and obedience.

Murdoch went on to receive a Masters Degree in Education and continuing studies in Animal Communication from Columbia University. In addition to her popular podcast, “Talking With The Dogs” she’s a frequent guest lecturer and does readings at events, in homes and via the internet. Many celebrities call on her for assistance with their pets.

Our podcast was scheduled for the early afternoon at a studio out in Burbank. It was located in an industrial part of town with low-key, unmarked store fronts that typically hide high-profile film and TV production done inside. Good luck finding a Starbucks in this part of town. Not many buildings had street numbers posted and I felt I needed a psychic to find it!

It was an eerie day right out of a super-natural scene in a movie. Unusually warm for a January afternoon, -even in SoCal. Once we arrived on the desolate block, out of nowhere, huge super-bursts of wind began kicking up sending random furniture and trash cans flying out into the street. It was as if ghosts were causing a stir around our car. Olive suddenly woke from her nap and began frantically barking at whatever loomed outside. This struck me as very odd.

Once we found the studio, Murdoch greeted us at the door and buzzed us in. She had a kind smile and her loving energy made me feel right at home. Olive did as well. After rubbing against her pant legs like a cat, my normally tentative Pug, raced right into the recording studio. She wasted no time making herself at home on a chair directly behind the microphone. This seemed extremely bizarre and out of character.

“Olive is very excited! She wants to tell her story!” Murdoch chimed. That seemed obvious but again, Olive rarely acts that enthusiastic about anything She can’t put in her mouth and devour! After a few quick selfies, we got underway with the podcast.

Murdoch began by watching Olive, while scribbling symbols, words and pictures on the notepad in front of her. She told me how excited Olive was to share HER story.
“She doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her. She’s very proud of her story!”

I was thinking to myself, “This is B-S? Based on Olive’s behavior, any perceptive person could’ve come to this conclusion.”

And then something strange happened. Murdoch began gesturing areas of her own body and asking me very unusal questions. She inquired about situations and issues I’d never addressed in my blogs. Unless she somehow obtained Olive’s vet records she would never have known these particulars.

No “spoiler alert” You’ll have to listen to the podcast if you want to learn Olive’s story from HER prospective. I will tell you, something changed in me. Within 5 minutes of starting the podcast I was completely surprised at how overcome with emotion I became. It was a good thing Murdoch was doing all the talking since I had a lump in my throat that felt like a wet gym sock. Tears began streaming down my cheeks while she conveyed interesting specifics on what Olive wanted to tell me. When I glanced at Olive she would cock her head when Murdoch spoke. I could see in her eyes and body language, this was the real deal and it was quite incredible!

I don’t expect people to understand. Some things just can’t be conveyed in a podcast. You can’t witness Olive’s unusual behavior or feel the strange surge of energy that had me overcome with emotion. If I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would’ve quickly written this whole thing off. Another “cheesy, bull-sh-ty” LA frivolity right up there with $15 CBD bath bombs and bottled probiotic water.

Now my logical brain had some questions. The first was, could Murdoch communicate with pets that have crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. The answer was an overwhelming “YES!” and she filled me in on some questions I had about my beloved first pug, Raisin.

The next question I had was whether or not she could talk to other animals, -like Dr Doolittle. First off, Murdoch made it known she isn’t a fan of that movie. While she has nothing against the actors or story, she is adamant that pets don’t communicate like that at all. (Talking in English, or other languages, with funny human voices.) Murdoch can and does do readings on cats, horses, hamsters, bearded dragons and even snakes. So, yes she is a regular Dr Doolittle herself.

I asked what type of situations people reach out to her for. Surprisingly she gets a wide range of requests. Some are from people with a new pet they want to better understand. Or a pet with behavior issues they can’t control. People reach out trying to help pets that are injured or sick and not acting normal. Murdoch also frequents animal shelters and does assessments helping people make more compatible adoption choices. And sadly, some people want to know if a pet is ready to cross to Rainbow Bridge.

Good news, if you’re curious about your own pet, you don’t need to travel to LA to get a reading with Murdoch. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. She is readily available for readings via the internet. All you have to do is supply a photo of your pet and book a convenient time. And of course her podcast is available for you anytime.

If you ARE in the LA area, Murdoch attends lots of events and does readings. Check my events page or her social media to find out her schedule. And, she does travel around and might possibly be visiting a town near you.

I’d like to give a great big thank you to Liz for having us as guests. It changed my view on “animal communicators” and it was a bonding experience I will never forget. I hope you’ll check out the podcast and let me know what your thoughts are. Do you believe?
Pugs and kisses! -Katy & Olive


Originally published at https://www.weeklyrunt.com.

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I love PUGS, cappuccinos and bad carbs. Spent my life as an actress, writer and now pet activist. Here’s “A little Kibble” if your children have paws!

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