5 Lifesaving Steps You Must Take

By Katy Cable-The Weekly Runt
A 4 min. Lifesaving Read

​“It’s Cancer!” Hearing those dreaded two words can feel like a kick in the gut and would make most of us to go into a fear-induced coma. During October, it’s hard NOT to think about cancer. The month has gone from pumpkins, ghosts and Halloween decor to PINK!

In honor of breast cancer awareness, we’re dressing, running, walking, playing sports and purchasing everything with pink ribbons. And, while all this support and enthusiasm towards the fight is great, the bad news is, this horrific epidemic has also taken our pets hostage at alarming rates.

It’s bad enough when the “C-word” strikes a human, but when your dog receives that dreaded diagnosis, there’s a whole new set of challenges? You may be thinking, “Can I afford treatment?” “What will their quality of life be?” “What level of care will be required?” And of course… “How long do they have?”

Many people view a dog or cat as a measly pet, but for other “crazy, obsessed, pet parents” like myself, this is a beloved family member who holds the key to your heart in the palm of their precious paw. And while we want to do the best for our four-legged babies, when it comes to cancer, the options for support, community and treatments can be far more limited and difficult to find.

If you’re in the throws of this fight with your pup, here are a few lifesaving things to do NOW:

1. First of all, YOU must prepare! -Emotionally! This isn’t the time to enter a complete state of hysteria and despair. You must stay strong, positive, hopeful and be your dog’s advocate. It will only make matters worse and add stress to their immune system if you’re falling apart. Get your support team in order. Reach out for help! This is not the time to cower and hide but lean in. Cancer can be beat! Healing can happen! -Even with the most aggressive forms. The resources and tips here could very well save your pets life.

​2. Make your environment as clean as possible. Remove toxins, pollutants, smoke, and other chemical hazards. Don’t add more stress to an already compromised immune system. Toss pesticides, toxic fertilizers, cleaning products, shampoos and and go as natural and organic as possible.

3. Start exercising your pet! This isn’t the time to let your “sick” dog flop around in their doggie bed sleeping all day. GET THEM MOVING! The electric voltage in a healthy cell is critical for recovery. You get that by upping your pet’s metabolism through movement and exercise. Even slower, older dogs can benefit from fresh air and exercise. Not only will this strengthen their body and keep muscles from atrophying, it will help fight depression. Start slowly but get in regular activity. If your pet is older, badly out of shape, losing their appetite or in chronic pain, CDB can dramatically help without any ill side effects.

4. Start feeding your pet a Ketogenic diet. This simple diet has become one of the leading tools in the fight against cancer and other metabolic diseases. Cancer lives on glucose (sugars). This diet basically starves cancer cells by drastically limiting carbs and putting the body into a state of ketosis.

​Several years ago, I wrote an eye-opening, exciting (and popular) blog: “Is The Cure For Cancer In Your Dog’s Bowl” It showed how a simple, inexpensive “Ketogenic” diet was reversing deadly, aggressive cancers in dogs. It featured the Ketopet Sanctuary in Texas, where over 150 dogs with terminal, late-stage cancers were pulled from shelters and treated. These dogs made miraculous recoveries and most were then adopted to loving homes.

Visit my site for a copy of the FREE diet used at the Ketopet Sanctuary, or you can also purchase their pre-formulated foods for about the same cost as doing all the work.

5. Discuss medical procedures and treatments with your vet. Many cancers can be surgically removed and treated with chemotherapy. These procedures can be lifesaving and often necessary. When combined with the other natural options, the success rate can be even higher and chances of re-occurrence much, much less.

🐾 Ask about using hyperbaric oxygen therapy which naturally increases pure oxygen to all the body’s cells. Cancer tumors can’t thrive in environments with high oxygen levels. Pure oxygen also promotes healing and rejuvenates all cells in the body.

🐾 Another innovative solution without any harsh side effects is biomodulation therapy. Electro stimulation delivers pulsed electromagnet currents into the body which greatly increases the body’s healing process. It also provides quick pain relief. Pets gravitate to this relaxing sensation and it’s extremely cost effective. If you live in So Cal, I can give you some integrated health centers that provide reasonably priced treatments and services for pets.

​I am always saddened to hear of your pet’s health problems and cancer is particularly scary. It is my wish that one day soon cancer is completely eradicated. Until then, I hope this blog has given you some exciting new options to investigate. Please keep me posted! -Pugs and kisses!💕

For more support and info, follow the conversation on Facebook (Ketogenic Dog Group/Canine Cancer Series ) and check out: THE DOG CANCER SERIES:

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I love PUGS, cappuccinos and bad carbs. Spent my life as an actress, writer and now pet activist. Here’s “A little Kibble” if your children have paws!

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